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The Art of Remodeling: Details of Bathroom Framing

Written By: Mike J. Farrugia

Last Updated: 12/29/22

Detail. This one word can sum up any successful renovation project. Depending on the renovation, attention to detail becomes more important at specific points through the duration of the project.


This is the skeleton of what is to become the finished product. If certain aspects are overlooked during this process, it can most likely be addressed later on, but with a lot of headaches. For instance, a window or door framed near the corner of a room should be left with enough room (if possible) for the casment moulding and not a small ripped piece of trim left at completion.

Bathroom Framing

When it comes to a bathroom renovation for instance there are common overlooked details when it comes to framing.

Are there recessed medicine cabinets or shower wall niches?

- Not only planning for these details but knowing the finished size and location after accounting for the thickness of material such as sheetrock, cement board, tile or whatever else will be covering the finished surface.

What wall hardware will be installed?

- Installing blocking between your framing in the vicinty of something such as a towel bar will allow for a much more sturdy and smooth install. Blocking is also extremly important when planning on installing a floating vanity.

Will there be a mudded shower pan?

- The framing of a shower floor pan is imperitive that the drain location is noted in order to have it perfectly centered. Also, the shower curb height should be taken into consideration. A shower curb that is too high can be a nuisence entering and existing the shower, but at the same time, a curb that is too low, will not leave enough room for tiling the inside face of the curb in order to make the shower floor water tight.

Is shower glass going to be installed?

- If shower glass will be installed, during the framing phase, it is always a good idea to install an additional stud on flat at both ends of the shower/tub threshold. This allows for the shower door frame to be secured to something solid as a pose to being installed with wall just anchors.

What is the condition on your existing framing?

- When working off of existing framing, checking to make sure your wall studs are in line is extremly important especially on walls being tiled. Depending on the age of your home, this may or may not be an issue. Wall studs that are not in line can cause the finished wall to be wavy, not to mention an absolute nightmare to install larger format tile.

Mentioned above are only a portion of certain framing aspects to take into consideration during a bathroom renovation. There are a lot of small details and expensive material that go into any bathroom project. Hiring a company that is detail oriented is critical and will likely save you money as well as headaches.

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