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The Art of Remodeling

Written by: Mike J. Farrugia

Posted: 12/21/22


What is the art of remodeling? You may be thinking "is remodeling really considered an art?". For the most part of my life, I have been around the remodeling industry, literally swinging hammers since diapers. I can confidently say, YES it is a form of art in a plethora of ways.

Growing up, my father owned a home remodeling business for 25 years, in which I worked for the company in the field as a carpenter for the better part of a decade while acquiring a degree in art and design, well into my 20s. Moving foward, I went on to work as a carpenter for another contractor once my dad retired. Soon after, I had opened my own company, MJF Home Upgrades Inc in 2016, based out of Massapequa, NY.

To say the least I know first hand what

is takes to run a successful remodeling business AND project from start to finish wheather it be a small bathroom renovation or a new construction build. I plan to lead you behind the curtain to give you a better understanding of WHAT REALLY goes into a successful remodeling project. Blog posts will dive deep inside some of the following topics to name just a few:

  • What goes on behind the scenes that most homeowner's will never see?

  • What design decisions are made that a homeowner will never even know was taken into consideration?

  • How much thought and skill goes into something as simple as placing a wall tile?

  • What is considered when scheduling the job, the processes and steps that are taken to make sure the project is ran smooth and efficient?

  • Should you trust handing over your hard earned money to someone you barely know?

  • How do you know the contractor you're about to hire, trust in your home, is the right company for the job?

These are a few of many topics I will dig into and give a better understanding to common concerns and questions I typically encounter when speaking with homeowners on a daily basis.

Questions? Feel free to contact me directly!

Mike Farrugia

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