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ITS ALMOST TIME! Preparing For Your Remodeling Project

Updated: Mar 27


As we know this can be a nerve wracking and frustrating time for any homeowner, this post is to hopefully put you at ease and better prepare you for your upcoming project. There are many aspects to properly preparing for a renovation job in your home (depending on the scope of work), following these steps will ensure a smooth transition in your living arrangements as hammers start to swing. 


1)    Clear your personal belongings from the immediate workspace.

2)    Are you saving anything? We must be notified if you intend on saving items, this includes (but not limited to): Appliances, cabinetry/counters, wall hardware, faucets and bath hardware, belongings inside of cabinets beings removed, door hardware, etc.

3)    If you have pets, please be sure to section them off away from work areas and exterior door entries. This includes yard space we will possibly be working in.


1)    We generally work Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am-4pm. On occasion, a trade partner such as plumbers/electricians may be working outside of these days/times.

2)    Be sure to leave us a way to enter your home if you are not present. This can include a spare key or a garage entry code. We generally put a lockbox on your front door if we are letting ourselves in and out

3)    If you have any specific requirements regarding placements of dumpsters, porta potties or trucks, please notify your project manager.

4)    Driveway and path to and from immediate work areas must remain clear.

5)    Materials may be stored indoors or inside a garage if available

Home Preparation

1)    We protect your belongings in the surrounding areas as a part of our work. If you feel something needs additional attention, do not hesitate to notify your project manager.

2)    Notify us if you happen to have any problematic neighbors.

3)    If you have window curtains and shades in the surrounding areas, please remove these and set aside

4)    Notify your alarm company about your upcoming project. We are not responsible for removing or installing alarms

5)    Be aware where your water main shut off, gas shut off and electrical panel locations are.

6)    Safely store any valuables, important documents, and sentimental items in a secure location away from the renovation zone.


1)    Any additional work or credits will be issued in the form of a change order. This will be emailed to you from your project manager.

2)    Payments are due upon project managers request in the form of a Chase personal check, bank check, cash or credit card (fees may apply).

It is important to keep in mind that we are here for you and do our absolute best to ensure your project runs as smoothly and as efficient as possible. Do not hesitate to reach out to your project manager or our office with any questions or concerns you may have.

Frank (516) 965-1219                                                 Matt (516) 965-1073

Office (516) 695-2909                                                David (516) 965-1224

Thank you,

Michael J. Farrugia


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