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Basement Renovation Packages

Basement Remodeling: NARI Contractor of the Year Award



Tier 1.   $44.00-$50.00 Per Sq/Ft

  • Framing of outer perimeter walls with 2x4 material. Pressure treated used for ground contact

  • Includes 20 LED 6" high hat lights and 15 tamper proof outlets

  • Includes fire rated boiler enclosure and 1 storage closet

  • Insulation of outer walls with R-15 batt insulation

  • Sheet rocking of ceiling with ½” material, walls sheetrocked with mold/moisture resistant boards. Boiler enclosures to be sheetrocked with 5/8” as per fire code

  • Taping 3 coats, sand, prime and paint. Includes Benjamin Moore paints

  • Installation of vinyl plank flooring (supplied by homeowner, not included in this cost)

  • Supply and install 1 6 panel steel fire door for boiler enclosure and 2 6-panel pre-hung hollow core doors

  • Install 2 ½” door trim and 3 ¼” base trim

  • Install vinyl plank flooring and nosings on steps. Painting of risers and stringers

  • Install one wall mounted pine handrail. Sand and stain

  • Debris carted away

Tier 2    $54.00-$60.00 Per Sq/Ft


In addition to tier 1:

  • Includes boiler enclosure and 2 storage closets

  • Full bathroom with white pre-cast shower pan.  (Homeowner provides finishes)

    • 16”x20” recessed wall niche

    • Tile installation of shower walls only. Grout and seal

    • Includes bathroom vent fan and GFI outlet at vanity location

  • Includes 25 LED 6” high hat lights and 20 tamper proof outlets

  • Sheetrocking of walls and ceilings using all mold/moisture resistant sheetrock

  • Supply and install 3 6-panel hollow core doors and 1 6 panel steel fire door for boiler enclosure

  • Installation of 1 hardwood newel post and handrail. Sand and stain

  • Closet shelving

  • 1 custom built barn door (stained finish). Includes matte black hardware and track

Tier 3   $60.00-$70.00 Per Sq/Ft


In addition to tiers 1 & 2:

  • Includes hidden murphy bookshelf door

  • Insulate ceilings with R-30 batt insulation for noise suppression

  • Includes boiler enclosure and 3 storage closets

  • 8 linear feet of Satin white Hampton Bay base cabinetry with butcherblock counter top. Includes 2 floating shelves and stainless-steel drop-in sink

  • Two hardwood newel posts and rails

  • Mudded shower floor pan. Installation of shower floor tile

  • 30 LED 6” high hat lights and 25 tamper proof outlets. One elevated outlet at flat screen location

  • 3 ½” door trim and 5 ¼” base trim

  • Supply and install 4 6-panel hollow core doors and 1 6 panel steel fire door for boiler enclosure

  • Option to sand and stain stair treads. Painting of risers and stringers (treads must be accessed)

The above pricing excludes:

  • HVAC work

  • Plumbing (plumber to provide a quote upon visiting of basement)

  • Appliances

  • Electrical for appliances

  • Shower glass, glass installations

  • Demolition


Homeowner typically provides (we are always available for advice on material and amounts needed):

  • Flooring

  • Door handsets

  • Tile, toilet, vanity, shower hardware, faucets


Note: We do offer a wide variety of finishes and designs not mentioned above. This can be discussed during our initial consultation 



Q: How do I tell how many square feet my basement is?

A: Multiply the basement length by the basement width. (Example: a 25’x30’ basement would be 750 square feet


Q: How long will the basement renovation take?

A: Renovations typically take anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on the extent of the renovation. We are at the job M-F from 8am-4pm.


Q: What are my options for flooring?

A: LVP (luxury vinyl plank flooring) is most popular and cost effective. Tile and carpeting are also an option.


Q: Do I sheetrock my basement ceiling or install a drop ceiling?

A: Sheetrock is a cleaner look to your finished basement. Access panels are installed at all plumbing valve locations or other accessible locations. If you have had issues with your 1st floor plumbing, a drop ceiling should be considered.


Q: How do my steel columns get finished?

A: Columns are framed around and sheet rocked on all sides. Installing base/crown trim is also an option.


Q: What about water proofing?

A: We do offer water proofing to a certain extent. Extreme water issues (such as pooling of water) should be accessed by a company whom specializes in water proofing.


Q: Do we need a permit for finishing our basement?

            A: This depends on the town your located in and local building codes. We can discuss further upon our initial consultation.

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